few words


“everything” about me, my dilemmas, madness, weakness, exploration, discovery… the recesses of my studio… everything that surrounds me. Welcome to my little-big world 🙂

I love what I do

My work is my hobby, is a way of my life

I looking for inspiration, I discover, I create…

This is my first blog, I am so excited 🙂 a lot of thoughts in my head, lots of ideas, searching for inspiration1480704_10152042623062095_2047117304_n. Slowly I will share with you my thoughts, exploration, discovery… The world is wonderful, so many things to find, to discover… everyday brings something new, even when apparently you can not see. I believe that most things are for something… sometimes do not understand something, sometimes we are afraid of something. I think the most important thing is to have a dream, a purpose in life, passion… This all gives meaning to life.
Creative passion is for me the way, the desire for personal expression, fulfillment me as a designer, artist… I love what I do and I am happy that I have my way.


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